Seaford Community Concert Association

The Seaford Community Concert Association is a nonprofit, all-volunteer organization whose mission is to bring top quality performers to this area at a very affordable cost to its members. We have been doing this since 1949! Our annual membership drive is generally open August through September of each year. Concert admission is by membership only.

SCCA concerts are presented in the beautiful Kenneth C. Madden Auditorium at Seaford High School. This recently upgraded facility, one of the largest venues in Southern Delaware, boasts new seating and a state-of-the-art sound system. Through our long partnership with the Seaford School District, SCCA provides annual outreach shows for local students, providing musical experiences that are outside their normal listening habits! We have also purchased, or co-purchased, auditorium equipment ranging from the concert grand piano to spotlights to microphones. In exchange we are frequently consulted when capital improvements to the facility are being planned. This is truly a partnership that benefits everyone in our region.

History of the Seaford Community Concert Association

By Jim & Barbara Burket (president & secretary 1971-2007)

With a firm determination & enthusiasm to bring fine artists to this area, a group of music lovers, back in 1949, got together and started the Seaford Community Concert Association. Little did they suspect at that time that the membership to this organization would grow to exceed the new High School auditorium size of 1200 for the first time in the 2006-2007 season. Their history, however, was not without it’s ups and downs.

The organization started their life in association with the Community Concerts division of Columbia artists out of New York City. Their first season included the young duo-piano artist Whittemore & Lowe, who, incidentally were the only artists to perform three times on our stage. (57-58 season and 75-76 season which was the last tour for the duo)

The first subscriber history on record was in the 56-57 series when it reached 650: a comfortable size for the then existing auditorium. The membership continued to grow until a sudden drop in 1991 when the membership hit a low of 455 members when the association considered folding. However, the end was not to be! Several board members did some campaigning and, with the aid of Irv Wheatley, president of the Seaford Chamber of Commerce at the time and their gift of $2500, SCCA rose from the proverbial ashes.

In the 1990’s the Community Concerts division of Columbia artists was separated as an independent organization which allowed them to provide a broader range of artists from which the local organizations could choose. Around 2000 the main Community Concerts organization was brought under the Trawick Artists organization. They, however, were poorly managed and brought great financial pressure to the local organizations. The Seaford organization, by then, was strong enough to carry on and eventually became associated with Live On Stage for their artist contacts.

SCCA is now a self-supporting, non profit, organization, run solely by local volunteers. It is, however, affiliated with the nationwide “Live On Stage” organization out of Nashville, TN. Between the Nashville staff and their field representatives, and the Printertainment business, they offer a full range of services to our local organization including: booking, staging of artists, promotion, and membership campaign operation. Community Concerts operates under the concept of “Organized Audience Plan”, that is, securing an audience before final booking of the concerts. An annual membership campaign, utilizing the plan, ensures concerts are fully funded before each season begins, through membership dues, and patron gifts. No tickets are sold to individual concerts.

In the past, our members have enjoyed concerts such as: Whittemore & Lowe, Rise Stevens, Simon Estes, Columbus Boys Choir, Earl Rose Trio, Little Angels of Kore Folk Ballet, Ted Alan Worth, many brass quintets, Bob Crosby and the Bobcats, Hambro Quartet of Pianos, New Cristy Minstrell, Ballet Florida, Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, the River City Brass Band, the musical Forever Plaid, the Inflatable Theater, the Great China Acrobats, and Hector Olivera, to name a few.

The association guarantees 3 concerts each year (and usually has more). The association believes that the unique opportunity to experience the best of live performance should be accessible and available to every person in the country and the Seaford Association is doing their part to make that happen in this area of the Eastern Shore. Assistance towards this end also comes from our patron plan.

We recently lost a very important part of our SCCA family.  As many of you know, Dr. Allan Kittila passed away in August of last year.  He and his wife Karen have been associated with the SCCA since 1968 acting in many capacities.  Karen was secretary for many years and Allan was concert master prior to becoming president.  He has always been very active in his church and he is well known in the Seaford community.  But he had a special love of the arts and Allan loved working to bring this entertainment to the community.

Allan was a very active citizen.  He had a passion for life and enjoyed music, travel, writing and teaching.  He was an accomplished pianist, organist and saxophone player. The SCCA presented a way for Allan to express his love for music and the arts.  He has been on the board for over 40 years, serving as President for the past several years.  He dearly loved this organization and worked very hard to keep it alive and active.  He was thrilled to bring professional entertainment to the Seaford audience and he really enjoyed it when an especially good program brought the audience to its feet.  It really gave him much joy.  He would look over and smile and give a ‘thumbs up.’  Allan will be missed.

Allan was succeeded in 2012 by Marge Lynch, whose background in managing an opera company and her focus on providing only the best entertainment for our community allowed SCCA to maintain its membership level throughout her term as president. Marge, with the full support of the board of directors, kept the organization solvent while keeping ticket prices the same and adding a sixth concert to celebrate our sixty-sixth season during 2014-2015. Marge’s self-deprecating humor, including the occasional costume, will be missed.

Starting in 2015, Dave Grantz took over as the president of SCCA. A retired Seaford School District administrator, Dave brings knowledge of the concert facility and organizational skills to the SCCA. He is thrilled to be a part of SCCA and hopes to expand membership while staying true to traditions that have made the association so successful through the years.

Board of Directors:

David Grantz, President

Tim Snedecor, Vice President

Sandy Blackwell, Treasurer

JoAnn Jefferson

Doug Figgs

Marianne Grantz

Ray Jackson

Karen Kittila

Marge Lynch

Dr. Bradley Mackler

Fern Morrison

Becky Rhodes

Doug Rhodes

Maribel Santos

Jayne Sheahan

Edie Snedecor

Ches Warrener

Past Shows: 1949-today

1949-1950:  Columbus Boy Choir; Whittemore & Lowe; Pease

Columbus Boy Choir  The Columbus Boy Choir

1950-1951:  Revelers; Polyna Stoska; Graudens

PolynaStoska  Polyna Stoska

1951-1952:  Thibault; Rey & Gomez; Col. Concert Trio

  Conrad Thibault

1952-1953:  Longines Symphonette; Appleton & Field; Tuscon Arizona boys Choir; F. Bible

appleton  Appleton & Field

1953-1954:  M. Svetlova; Gershwin Concert Orchestra; Marissa Regules; A. McKinely

18680c%20-%20Marisa%20Regules  Marissa Regules

1954-1955:  Vienna Academy Chorus; Igor Gorin; Mario Braggiotti; Wilmington Symphony

Gorin-Igor-01  Igor Gorin

1955-1956:  Virginia Orchestra; Lola Montes & Dancers; Tanglewood Symphony Opera quartet; Roberts & Walker

Lola Montes  Lola Montes

1956-1957:  Rondoliers; Chicago Opera Ballet; Angelaires; E. Steffe

Angelaires The Angelaires

1957-1958:  Manhattan Concert Orchestra; Whittemore & Lowe; Jan Rubes; Mozart Opera Festival

rubes  Jan Rubes

1958-1959: Bambi Lynn & Rod Alexander; Totenberg Instrumental Ensemble; Little Gaelic Singers; Stan Freeman

BambiLynn  Bambi Lynn & Rod Alexander

1959-1960:  Ralph Hunter Dramatic Chorus; Susana & Jose; Vera Franceschi; Rudi Sinfonietta

VeraFranceschi  Vera Franceschi

1960-1961:  New York Concert Trio; Bill and Pat Medley; Joffrey Ballet with Orchestra; Trio Bel Canto

bel canto  Trio Bel Canto

1961-1962:  Rise Stevens; Serenaders; Myra Kinch & Co.; In Operetta Time

Myra Kinch Myra Kinch

1962-1963:  Texas Boys Choir; Varel & Bally; Paris Chamber Orchestra; Olegna Fuschi

fuschi  Olegna Fuschi

1963-1964:  Hungarian Ballets Bihari; The Bards; Nina Dova; Goss & Whetssel

goss  Goss & Whetssel

1964-1965:  Chicago Little Symphony; American Jazz Ensemble; Richard Cass; Rodgers & Hammerstein Musical Theatre Quartet

cass  Richard Cass

1965-1966:  Feis Eireann; Ma Si-Hon & Tung Kwong; Lucille Kailer; First Chamber Dance Quartet

Ma  Ma Si-Hon & Tung Kwong

1966-1967:  Columbus Boy Choir; Music from Marlboro; Charles Rosen; Golden Curtain Quartet

Rosen-Charles-01  Charles Rosen

1967-1968: Orchestra Jean Francois Paillard; Michael Maule Dance Variation; The Revelers; Richard Cass

TheRevelers  The Revelers

1968-1969: Mario Maya & Company; Addis & Crofut; Jeffrey & Ronald Marlowe; Edmund Karlsrud

Addis  Addis & Crofut

1969-1970: Lee Evans Trio; Columbia Operatic Trio; Anthony Di Bonaventura

AnthonyDiBonaventura  Anthony Di Bonaventura

1970-1971: Dorothy Warenskjolds Musical Theatre; First Chamber Dance Company; Longstreth & Escosa; Andress Juliette Brun

Longstreth  Longstreth & Escosa

1971-1972:  Decormier Singers; Three on Broadway; Berkshire Chamber Players

DeCormier-Singers  Decormier Singers

1972-1973:  Texas Boys Choir; Ciro; Samuel Lipman

 Samuel Lipman

1973-1974:  Little Angels Folk Ballet; Ted Allan Worth; A. Cros; V. Tyler; Jorge Morel Duo

Morel  Jorge Morel

1974-1975:  Carnival de Mexico; Songs by Six; Franz Liszt Orchestra

FranzLisztOrchestra Franz Liszt Orchestra

1975-1976:  Whittemore & Lowe; Norman Luboff Choir; Beau Arts Trio

Whittemore_and_Lowe  Whittemore & Lowe were frequent visitors

1976-1977:  Stan Freeman; National Folk Ballet of Yougoslavia; Orpheus Ensemble

freeman  Stan Freeman

1977-1978:  Toccatas & Flourishes; New Christy Minstrels; Laureate Woodwind Quartet

NewChristy2 The New Christy Minstrels

1978-1979:  Serenade; Rostal & Schaeffer; Simon Estes

estes  Simon Estes

1979-1980:  Bob Crosby & The Bob Cats; Harvey Pittel Trio; Serendipity Singers; Measure for Measure

serendipity-singers-cropped  The Serendipity Singers

1980-1981:  Eastern Opera Theatre: Naughty Marietta; Eastern Brass Quintet; Willam Carter Dancers

William Carter Dancer  William Carter Dancers

1981-1982:  Mara Muresul; Ronnie Brown Trio; Laureate Trio

brown  The Ronnie Brown Trio

1982-1983:  Roger Wagner Chorale; Hodgens & Howard; James Pinkerton

roger  The Roger Wagner Chorale

1983-1984:  Souvenirs of the Opera; Manhattan Rhythm Kings; Saturday Brass Quintet; Bill Schustik


1984-1985:  Singing Boys of Pennsylvania; Sharon Sweet; Max Morath Quintet; Pop Goes the Music; Constantine Orbelian

Sharon Sweet  Sharon Sweet

1985-1986:  New England Youth Ensemble; Chanticleer; De Falla Guitar Trio

Chanticleer-Formal  Chanticleer

1986-1987: Some Enchanted Evening; Aurora Trio; Lincoln Mayorga

lincoln_by_2_pianos_med  Lincoln Mayorga

1987-1988:  Fascinatin’ Rhythm; Arthur Woodley; Aeolian Chamber Players

Aeolian  Aeolian Chamber Players

1988-1989:  Hambro Quartet of Pianos; Neal Ramsay Duo; Sweet Rose Review

LeonidHambro Leonid Hambro

1989-1990:  Dallas Brass; Richard Morris; Linda Maxey

maxey  Linda Maxey

1990-1991:  The Light Blues; Nevada Dance Theatre; DeWayne Fulton

DeWayne Fulton DeWayne Fulton

1991-1992: Yarbrough-New Christy Minstrels; Stecher & Horowitz; Earl Rose Trio

stecherhoroitzbw  Stecher & Horowitz

1992-1993:  Ballet Florida; The Moscow Balalaikas; A Night at Eddie Condon’s

122408 met nutckracker 03.jpg  Ballet Florida

1993-1994:  Tommy Dorsey Orchestra; On Broadway (The Jenkins); an Evening with John Bayless

Bayless  John Bayless

1994-1995:  Jack Morgan and the Russ Morgan Orchestra; The Lenny Solomon Trio; Terrence Farrell; Brenda Boozer

TerrenceFarrell  Terrence Farrell

1995-1996:  Carrol McLaughlin; Nancy LaMott; Epic Brass; Dale Gonyea

lamott  Nancy LaMott

1996-1997:  Rhythm in Soes; Carl Peterson; Banjomania; David Allen Wehr

banjo  Banjomania

1997-1998:  Max Morath, Forever Plaid; Vancouver Wind Trio

plaid  Forever Plaid

1998-1999: River City Brass Band; Joe Trio; Richard Glazier; Lainie Nelson White Cliffs of Dover

Joe Trio  Joe Trio

1999-2000: Taylor 2 Dancers; The Side Street Strutters Jazz Band; An Enchanted Evening – the Music of Broadway; Richard Morris & Hector Olivera

Strutters  The Side Street Strutters

2000-2001:  Joe Burgstaller; Paragon Ragtime Orchestra; The Limeliters; Douglas Webster & Lincoln Mayorga; Linda Wang

Limelighters  The Limelighters

2001-2002:  Pasadena Roof Orchestra; Boston Brass; Fred Garbo Inflatable Theatre; London Piano Duo

Garbo Fred Garbo Inflatable Theatre

2002-2003: Three Hits & a Miss; Jack Daniels Original Silver Coronet Band; Cantus; Mark Twain & the Laughing River; Alison England – Opera, Broadway, and Beyond

ThreeHitsandAMiss  Three Hits and a Miss

2003-2004: April Verch; Woods Tea Company; Westwind Brass

Woods Tea Co  Woods Tea Company

2004-2005: Glenn Miller Orchestra; Russian Seasons; Ronnie Kole Trio; Westwind Brass

ronnie kole  Ronnie Kole

2005-2006: Frank D’Ambrosio; Manhattan Rythym Kings; Earl Rose; Quartetto Gelato; Piano 4

Manhattan Rhythm Kings  Manhattan Rhythm Kings

2006-2007: 4 Sure; Bay Street Brassworks; Artie Shaw Orchestra; Hector Olivera; Great China Acrobats

HectorOlivera-372x300  Hector Olivera

2007-2008: Black Mountain Chorus of Wales; Saxophobia; L’Orchestre De Chambre Paris; Michael Kaeshammer; Mr. Jack Daniel’s Original Silver Cornet Band

saxophobia Saxophobia

2008-2009: Pavlo; A Trbute to Benny Goodman and Peggy Lee; Dale Gonyea; Bronn & Katherine Journey; The Side Street Strutters; The Martini Sisters

BronnJourney  Bronn and Katherine Journey

2009-2010: Daniel Rodriquez; Russian Season Dance Company; Rudolph Budginas; Hunt Family Fiddlers; Canadian Tenors

daniel-rodriguez  Daniel Rodriquez

2010-2011:  Jim Witter – The Piano Men; Riders in the Sky; Daniel Narducci and Sherri Seiden Duo; John Davidson; The Tamburitzans

john_davidson  John Davidson

2011-2012:  Jim Curry – Take Me Home; The American Tenors; Intersection; Spanish Brass; Hector Olivera

spanish-brass-square  Spanish Brass

2012-2013:  4-2-Five; Thomas Pandolfi; Robert Post; The Mid-Atlantic Symphony; Redhead Express & The Walker Family

Paldolfi  Thomas Pandolfi

2013-2014: An Evening with Hal Linden; The Diamonds;  The Milford Community Band; Jesse Lynche Jazz 101; Richter-Uzur; New York Theatre Ballet

Hal Linden  Hal Linden

2014-2015: WindSync; Umi Garrett; Bronn Journey – Harpist & Wife; Alex DePue and Migel DeHoyos; New Shanghai Circus; Susan Egan

susanegan  Susan Egan

2015-2016:  Caravan of Thieves; Savannah Jack; Mike Farris; Presidio Brass; The Young Irelanders

YoungIrelanders_PRESS_r900x493  The Young Irelanders

2016-2017: Alina Kiryayeva; The Raleigh Ringers; Kubecca; Jim Witter – I Write the Songs; Equinox Little Big Band

equinox  Equinox Little Big Band

2017-2018: Paul McDermand; Two On Tap; Pavlo; Duo Baldo; Side Street Strutters

Pavlo  Pavlo

2018-2019: Maureen McGovern; Five Sax; Vocal Trash; Thomas Pandolfi; The Malpass Brothers; Vox Fortura

  Maureen McGovern

2019-2020: Celtic Angels; Sons of Serendip; Loren & Mark. Season cut short by the COVID-19 pandemic.

  Sons of Serendip

2020-2021: ReVoiced; The Everly Set. Season cut short by the COVID-19 pandemic.

  The Everly Set