1949 to Now

Here is every act that has graced the stage of SCCA. Click on pictures to enlarge.

1949-1950:  Columbus Boy Choir; Whittemore & Lowe; Pease

Columbus Boy Choir  The Columbus Boy Choir

1950-1951:  Revelers; Polyna Stoska; Graudens

PolynaStoska  Polyna Stoska

1951-1952:  Thibault; Rey & Gomez; Col. Concert Trio

  Conrad Thibault

1952-1953:  Longines Symphonette; Appleton & Field; Tuscon Arizona boys Choir; F. Bible

appleton  Appleton & Field

1953-1954:  M. Svetlova; Gershwin Concert Orchestra; Marissa Regules; A. McKinely

18680c%20-%20Marisa%20Regules  Marissa Regules

1954-1955:  Vienna Academy Chorus; Igor Gorin; Mario Braggiotti; Wilmington Symphony

Gorin-Igor-01  Igor Gorin

1955-1956:  Virginia Orchestra; Lola Montes & Dancers; Tanglewood Symphony Opera quartet; Roberts & Walker

Lola Montes  Lola Montes

1956-1957:  Rondoliers; Chicago Opera Ballet; Angelaires; E. Steffe

Angelaires The Angelaires

1957-1958:  Manhattan Concert Orchestra; Whittemore & Lowe; Jan Rubes; Mozart Opera Festival

rubes  Jan Rubes

1958-1959: Bambi Lynn & Rod Alexander; Totenberg Instrumental Ensemble; Little Gaelic Singers; Stan Freeman

BambiLynn  Bambi Lynn & Rod Alexander

1959-1960:  Ralph Hunter Dramatic Chorus; Susana & Jose; Vera Franceschi; Rudi Sinfonietta

VeraFranceschi  Vera Franceschi

1960-1961:  New York Concert Trio; Bill and Pat Medley; Joffrey Ballet with Orchestra; Trio Bel Canto

bel canto  Trio Bel Canto

1961-1962:  Rise Stevens; Serenaders; Myra Kinch & Co.; In Operetta Time

Myra Kinch Myra Kinch

1962-1963:  Texas Boys Choir; Varel & Bally; Paris Chamber Orchestra; Olegna Fuschi

fuschi  Olegna Fuschi

1963-1964:  Hungarian Ballets Bihari; The Bards; Nina Dova; Goss & Whetssel

goss  Goss & Whetssel

1964-1965:  Chicago Little Symphony; American Jazz Ensemble; Richard Cass; Rodgers & Hammerstein Musical Theatre Quartet

cass  Richard Cass

1965-1966:  Feis Eireann; Ma Si-Hon & Tung Kwong; Lucille Kailer; First Chamber Dance Quartet

Ma  Ma Si-Hon & Tung Kwong

1966-1967:  Columbus Boy Choir; Music from Marlboro; Charles Rosen; Golden Curtain Quartet

Rosen-Charles-01  Charles Rosen

1967-1968: Orchestra Jean Francois Paillard; Michael Maule Dance Variation; The Revelers; Richard Cass

TheRevelers  The Revelers

1968-1969: Mario Maya & Company; Addis & Crofut; Jeffrey & Ronald Marlowe; Edmund Karlsrud

Addis  Addis & Crofut

1969-1970: Lee Evans Trio; Columbia Operatic Trio; Anthony Di Bonaventura

AnthonyDiBonaventura  Anthony Di Bonaventura

1970-1971: Dorothy Warenskjolds Musical Theatre; First Chamber Dance Company; Longstreth & Escosa; Andress Juliette Brun

Longstreth  Longstreth & Escosa

1971-1972:  Decormier Singers; Three on Broadway; Berkshire Chamber Players

DeCormier-Singers  Decormier Singers

1972-1973:  Texas Boys Choir; Ciro; Samuel Lipman

Samuel Lipman

1973-1974:  Little Angels Folk Ballet; Ted Allan Worth; A. Cros; V. Tyler; Jorge Morel Duo

Morel  Jorge Morel

1974-1975:  Carnival de Mexico; Songs by Six; Franz Liszt Orchestra

FranzLisztOrchestra Franz Liszt Orchestra

1975-1976:  Whittemore & Lowe; Norman Luboff Choir; Beau Arts Trio

Whittemore_and_Lowe  Whittemore & Lowe were frequent visitors

1976-1977:  Stan Freeman; National Folk Ballet of Yougoslavia; Orpheus Ensemble

freeman  Stan Freeman

1977-1978:  Toccatas & Flourishes; New Christy Minstrels; Laureate Woodwind Quartet

NewChristy2 The New Christy Minstrels

1978-1979:  Serenade; Rostal & Schaeffer; Simon Estes

estes  Simon Estes

1979-1980:  Bob Crosby & The Bob Cats; Harvey Pittel Trio; Serendipity Singers; Measure for Measure

serendipity-singers-cropped  The Serendipity Singers

1980-1981:  Eastern Opera Theatre: Naughty Marietta; Eastern Brass Quintet; Willam Carter Dancers

William Carter Dancer  William Carter Dancers

1981-1982:  Mara Muresul; Ronnie Brown Trio; Laureate Trio

brown  The Ronnie Brown Trio

1982-1983:  Roger Wagner Chorale; Hodgens & Howard; James Pinkerton

roger  The Roger Wagner Chorale

1983-1984:  Souvenirs of the Opera; Manhattan Rhythm Kings; Saturday Brass Quintet; Bill Schustik


1984-1985:  Singing Boys of Pennsylvania; Sharon Sweet; Max Morath Quintet; Pop Goes the Music; Constantine Orbelian

Sharon Sweet  Sharon Sweet

1985-1986:  New England Youth Ensemble; Chanticleer; De Falla Guitar Trio

Chanticleer-Formal  Chanticleer

1986-1987: Some Enchanted Evening; Aurora Trio; Lincoln Mayorga

lincoln_by_2_pianos_med  Lincoln Mayorga

1987-1988:  Fascinatin’ Rhythm; Arthur Woodley; Aeolian Chamber Players

Aeolian  Aeolian Chamber Players

1988-1989:  Hambro Quartet of Pianos; Neal Ramsay Duo; Sweet Rose Review

LeonidHambro Leonid Hambro

1989-1990:  Dallas Brass; Richard Morris; Linda Maxey

maxey  Linda Maxey

1990-1991:  The Light Blues; Nevada Dance Theatre; DeWayne Fulton

DeWayne Fulton DeWayne Fulton

1991-1992: Yarbrough-New Christy Minstrels; Stecher & Horowitz; Earl Rose Trio

stecherhoroitzbw  Stecher & Horowitz

1992-1993:  Ballet Florida; The Moscow Balalaikas; A Night at Eddie Condon’s

122408 met nutckracker 03.jpg  Ballet Florida

1993-1994:  Tommy Dorsey Orchestra; On Broadway (The Jenkins); an Evening with John Bayless

Bayless  John Bayless

1994-1995:  Jack Morgan and the Russ Morgan Orchestra; The Lenny Solomon Trio; Terrence Farrell; Brenda Boozer

TerrenceFarrell  Terrence Farrell

1995-1996:  Carrol McLaughlin; Nancy LaMott; Epic Brass; Dale Gonyea

lamott  Nancy LaMott

1996-1997:  Rhythm in Soes; Carl Peterson; Banjomania; David Allen Wehr

banjo  Banjomania

1997-1998:  Max Morath, Forever Plaid; Vancouver Wind Trio

plaid  Forever Plaid

1998-1999: River City Brass Band; Joe Trio; Richard Glazier; Lainie Nelson White Cliffs of Dover

Joe Trio  Joe Trio

1999-2000: Taylor 2 Dancers; The Side Street Strutters Jazz Band; An Enchanted Evening – the Music of Broadway; Richard Morris & Hector Olivera

Strutters  The Side Street Strutters

2000-2001:  Joe Burgstaller; Paragon Ragtime Orchestra; The Limeliters; Douglas Webster & Lincoln Mayorga; Linda Wang

Limelighters  The Limelighters

2001-2002:  Pasadena Roof Orchestra; Boston Brass; Fred Garbo Inflatable Theatre; London Piano Duo

Garbo Fred Garbo Inflatable Theatre

2002-2003: Three Hits & a Miss; Jack Daniels Original Silver Coronet Band; Cantus; Mark Twain & the Laughing River; Alison England – Opera, Broadway, and Beyond

ThreeHitsandAMiss  Three Hits and a Miss

2003-2004: April Verch; Woods Tea Company; Westwind Brass

Woods Tea Co  Woods Tea Company

2004-2005: Glenn Miller Orchestra; Russian Seasons; Ronnie Kole Trio; Westwind Brass

ronnie kole  Ronnie Kole

2005-2006: Frank D’Ambrosio; Manhattan Rythym Kings; Earl Rose; Quartetto Gelato; Piano 4

Manhattan Rhythm Kings  Manhattan Rhythm Kings

2006-2007: 4 Sure; Bay Street Brassworks; Artie Shaw Orchestra; Hector Olivera; Great China Acrobats

HectorOlivera-372x300  Hector Olivera

2007-2008: Black Mountain Chorus of Wales; Saxophobia; L’Orchestre De Chambre Paris; Michael Kaeshammer; Mr. Jack Daniel’s Original Silver Cornet Band

saxophobia Saxophobia

2008-2009: Pavlo; A Trbute to Benny Goodman and Peggy Lee; Dale Gonyea; Bronn & Katherine Journey; The Side Street Strutters; The Martini Sisters

BronnJourney  Bronn and Katherine Journey

2009-2010: Daniel Rodriquez; Russian Season Dance Company; Rudolph Budginas; Hunt Family Fiddlers; Canadian Tenors

daniel-rodriguez  Daniel Rodriquez

2010-2011:  Jim Witter – The Piano Men; Riders in the Sky; Daniel Narducci and Sherri Seiden Duo; John Davidson; The Tamburitzans

john_davidson  John Davidson

2011-2012:  Jim Curry – Take Me Home; The American Tenors; Intersection; Spanish Brass; Hector Olivera

spanish-brass-square  Spanish Brass

2012-2013:  4-2-Five; Thomas Pandolfi; Robert Post; The Mid-Atlantic Symphony; Redhead Express & The Walker Family

Paldolfi  Thomas Pandolfi

2013-2014: An Evening with Hal Linden; The Diamonds;  The Milford Community Band; Jesse Lynche Jazz 101; Richter-Uzur; New York Theatre Ballet

Hal Linden  Hal Linden

2014-2015: WindSync; Umi Garrett; Bronn Journey – Harpist & Wife; Alex DePue and Migel DeHoyos; New Shanghai Circus; Susan Egan

susanegan  Susan Egan

2015-2016:  Caravan of Thieves; Savannah Jack; Mike Farris; Presidio Brass; The Young Irelanders

YoungIrelanders_PRESS_r900x493  The Young Irelanders

2016-2017: Alina Kiryayeva; The Raleigh Ringers; Kubecca; Jim Witter – I Write the Songs; Equinox Little Big Band

equinox  Equinox Little Big Band

2017-2018: Paul McDermand; Two On Tap; Pavlo; Duo Baldo; Side Street Strutters

Pavlo  Pavlo

2018-2019: Maureen McGovern; Five Sax; Vocal Trash; Thomas Pandolfi; The Malpass Brothers; Vox Fortura

  Maureen McGovern

2019-2020: Celtic Angels; Sons of Serendip; Loren & Mark. Season cut short by the COVID-19 pandemic.

  Sons of Serendip

2020-2021: ReVoiced; The Everly Set. Season cut short by the COVID-19 pandemic.

  The Everly Set